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Absolutely loving this game. Any news on a release date? if not is there a social media i can follow to keep up to date?

We are glad you like it! We have't announced the release date yet but it should be later this year. About the social media there are a few links on the description where we share the news about the game.  In Twitter we share new info every few days and in Discord you can talk to the team directly and give us your feedback if you prefer it. 

thank you so much

Great game that mixes the gravity puzzles with indie games. Wanting to go on sale. :3

Any chance of this being available on consoles? Specifically PS4


The game will be available for PC and Xbox One at launch and we are looking into adding more platforms. PS4 is definitively in our mind but we cannot confirm it yet. We will let you know as soon as possible! 

Cool game! Do you have a release date??

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Not yet, but we are planning in releasing the game in 2019. If you want more info and want to get news about the game, you can subscribe to our newsletter and/or join our Discord server.  Newsletter - Discord - Steam